Kalòs products are entirely handmade, from handpicked flowers and plants, to the process of raw materials, to the production phase, and to the packaging and labeling.

Nature is not in a hurry, and to get a high quality product it is essential to respect nature's time.
This means that each step is performed taking into account the needs of the plants and the flowers, to be able to harness and enhance its intrinsic qualities.

And this is precisely why our cosmetics are completely different from those arising from industrialized mass produce products, which adulterate natures' natural time in order to fulfill its own mass production time.

Our natural biological oils, which do not contain paraffin, have a dense and compact texture. The oils which do not leave any greasy feeling effect are completely absorbed by the body, leaving the skin smooth and velvety, nicely hydrated and perfumed.

Kalòs products are never tested on animals   



Kalòs cosmetics are biological, natural, hypoallergenic and microbiologically safe.


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