Kalos cosmetics meet the highest standards of quality and naturalness.

The oils are handmade according to the traditional process with selective handpicked natural organic crops, and do not include artificial dyes, paraffin, silicone, sodium laureth, lauryl, sulfate, parabens or synthetic additives, as used by industrialized mass produced low cost massage oil products


FFlowers after the handpicked

Flowers ready for natural decanting


Our élite clients or premium spa's, beauty centers and luxury wellness center, occupational therapists and exclusive consumers, require high quality natural biological oils which maintain the same properties, the same delicate and balmy aromas and the same rich concentration of active principles and natural extract properties that tradition has maintain and passed through centuries, just as the ancient Romans, first aficionados of well-being, two thousand years ago (see Story).

To maintain the integrity and hygiene of the product and of fragrances we use special tinplate bottles with opening carefully sealed.


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