What is a biological cosmetic?
Biological cosmetics were born under strict EU legislation, which mandates strict quality controls of all stages of production: the selection of the ingredients, the processing methods as well as the packaging.
In order to be able to obtain an internationally recognized certification, 'BIOLOGICAL' cosmetics need to comply with all these parameters that define a cosmetic as 'BIOLOGICAL'.

Who chooses a biological cosmetic?
- Those who understand the importance of quality and choose not to use chemicals that are potentially harmful .

- Those who respect nature: no pesticides used in plant and flower cultivation, no testing in animals and no pollutant processes.

What is the difference between biological and ordinary natural cosmetics?
Ordinary natural cosmetics use natural active ingredients, but without any warranty and add detergents or preservatives (paraffin, parabens and other chemicals), just as in conventional cosmetics. This allows a reduction in costs, but at the expense of product quality.

Would it not be cheaper to add essential oils to a base oil?
Depends on the quality of the base oil and of the essential oils. There are low quality oils which are very cheap as there are high quality premium oils with a significantly higher cost, which directly reflect on the quality and on the price of the product.
Furthermore, without adequate mixing, (impossible to do manually) it is not possible to have a seamless integration between the two oils, dispersing the true potential of the essence.

How come your prices are similar or lower than those of many industrial cosmetics despite the high quality of the product?
Our company's philosophy is to invest more on research and quality of the ingredients (which are always and unquestionably first choice), as opposed to advertisement, in order to be able to offer constantly advanced premium products.

Why the wait 10 working days for product delivery?
Our oils are of very high quality craft products, and we prefer to devote full attention to each customer.
Although the production is constantly running, we always deliver the last batch produced, in order to benefit of the freshness of the scents and to prolong its duration in the Beauty Center.

Why Kalòs oils do not require complex steps to use them?
A professional massage therapist knows how to use a massage oil or a peeling, and carefully selecting the product best suited to the specific needs of its customers will be able to build their ad hoc treatment.
Remember that Nature loves simplicity, and often the best results come from less complicated things.
Should you require further, please do not hesitate to contact us by email for professional advice with respect to our products.

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